Winners of the BBNaija 2021 CloseUp Task Presentation

The Winners of the BBNaija 2021 CloseUp Task Presentation has been announced. Big Brother Naija Season 6 geng have a new Task from Closeup that requires them to be matched with partners. So to get started, they have to pick partners.


CloseUp has given the Housemates yet another task to perform today. The Head of House was required to read the Brief to the Housemates in accordance with custom. Jaypaul took the honours this week due to the fact that we have two Head of House this week which is a twist for us.


The first part of the CloseUp Task


For the BBNaija Season 6 CloseUp Task, Housemates were immediately divided into eight teams when they arrived. Two crates were handed to the House for this purpose. The female Housemates had to take turns picking one name card from the “Team Names” box, while the male Housemates had to pick from the “Female” box. The names of all female Housemates were in the box labelled “Female.“ As a result, each male Housemate was paired with the female Housemate they chose from the box.

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The male Housemates were advised not to disclosed the name written on their card to other Housemates until they were asked to, ensuring that the name written on each male Housemate’s card could only be known by the male Housemate holding the card.


Winners of the BBNaija 2021 CloseUp Task Presentation
Whitemoney & Queen’s CloseUp Photo shoot


For the female Housemates, once they had picked their team names, they collected a card with their corresponding team name from the Heads of House. Each card came with a do-rag which they wore immediately and then proceeded to hold up their cards for all the male Housemates to take note of.





Now that they had finished with picking their partners and identifying their team names, there was a second Brief to tell them what was next. This time, Head of House Jackie B read it.


Wooing the Ladies [BBNaija 2021 CloseUp Task]


All female Housemates were invited to quickly sit in the main lounge for this Brief. The male Housemates were then given two minutes to create a catchy pick-up line on the accompanying Closeup card. The pick-up line must start with the team name and end with their partner’s name. The gents then headed to the Lounge after two minutes to unveil their girlfriend by reading out their written pick-up lines to her one by one. The male Housemates trickled out one by one, to read some of the most beautiful pick up lines that had the girls in a tizzy.


The Closeup shot

The Housemates were to work together in groups to create a picture story that best interpreted the Closeup Triple Fresh TV commercial. They also had to demonstrate how Closeup enhances their confidence and allows them to feel at ease in social situations. The teams were given 45 minutes to brainstorm and choose a topic for their picture story as well as the positions they would strike during their photo shoot in the stadium.

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Watch some Clips from the CloseUp task Presentation below;


Cross and Nini go first for their photo shoot session,

Between Jackie B and Yousef,

Whitemoney and Queen had their shot,

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