Video: Female corp members displays their self-defense skills at NYSC camp

Video: Female corp members displays their self-defense skills at NYSC camp

Citizens have been wowed after some set of female National Youth Service Corp members showed off their amazing self-defense skills at the orientation camp.




The set of female NYSC members had made a now-viral video in which captured the moment they put their self-defense skills at the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp.

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The short clip which captured the moment is now currently making the rounds as it has gotten reactions from citizens and other foreign bodies.





Although this is coming months after the director-general of the National Youth Service Corps stated to the federal government that the current NYSC members can make up a good military squad when it comes to fighting against insecurity in the Nation.

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In the viral video, three female corp members were showing off hand-to-hand self-defense techniques to be used against attackers.




They were paired with male corp members who acted as assailants moving to try and kidnap or assault the women, who then disabled them and wrestled them to the ground.

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Watch the video below;




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