They would a better Match — Fans react after Cross tried KI$$ING Liquorose last night (Watch Video)

They would a better Match — Fans react after Cross tried KI$$ING Liquorose last night (Watch Video) Big Brother Naija Season 6 ‘Shine Your Eye’ geng are giving us hot teas already that’s what we signed up for.


Last night in the ‘Shine Your Eye’ BBNaija edition was an amazing day that fans are always waiting to come. Last night was the Friday Jacuzzi night party


Last night some of your Favorite housemates got drunk/tipsy letting out some amazing actions which we can’t seem to get over anytime soon.

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So Liquorose wants to know why Cross wanted to kiss her last night. Although fans has reacted to the viral video as many say Cross and Liquorose will make a perfect match ‘Couple’ as they’ve somehow got same energy.


But Liquorose isn’t finding it funny at all as she strongly want to know the reason for Cross actions last night at the Jacuzzi party.

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Watch the Video below;

See some reactions/comments from fans;

A fan wrote;

This guys would have made a perfect match…The Intentionality in how they love❤️

Another wrote;

I wish they’ve known each other for long , Cross would have been perfect for Deputy instead of Sagazo

Another fan wrote;

Their energy matches well ,they would have made a great pair

Another wrote;

She said they are not like that so y does he want to kiss her. She also asked him to give her chicken

From a fan;

I low key want Cross to apply some pressure!

A fan wrote;

This all she’ll not tell Emma but wants Emma to tell her everything around him😂


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