The moment WhiteMoney pulled Emmanuel away while talking to Angel [Video]

The moment WhiteMoney pulled Emmanuel away while talking to Angel [Video]


Reality TV star WhiteMoney seem to be one of the biggest EmmaRose shipper right from the onset when the relationship started with just some coupling moment between Liquorose and Emmanuel about 9 weeks ago.


Last night after Liquorose went really tipsy after much in take of alcohol she was carried from the Party Arena into the house. Although she said so many things how guys ends up making her feel heart broken she even was filled with tears.

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Just some couple of minutes later Emmanuel was spotted with Angel Smith who many see to be a threat to the EmmaRose ship, as it was seen Emmanuel and Angel was having a deep conversation which might lead to some feelings and romantic activities.

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Although WhiteMoney came through as he tried his best to counter what the conversation between Angel and Emmanuel might lead/birth because according to WhiteMoney it won’t bring anything good but rather fighting and disagreement.


In WhiteMoney’s words through out the moment he was heard telling Emmanuel to run oh, Run from Angel oh

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Watch the video clip below;

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