The Dark Side of Big Brother Naija: How the Show Exploits Its Contestants

The Dark Side of Big Brother Naija: How the Show Exploits Its Contestants



Few reality shows are as popular as Big Brother Naija. The show, which follows a group of contestants living in a house together, has been on the air for many seasons and has spawned several imitators.


While the show may seem like harmless fun, there is a dark side to it. Contestants are often exploited, both during the show and after it ends. This post will explore the ways in which the show exploits its contestants.


Big Brother Naija Is Not as Innocent as It Seems


Big Brother Naija is not as innocent as it seems.


In fact, the show exploits its contestants in a number of ways. For starters, the prize money is actually quite small in comparison to what the contestants are giving up.


The show also requires total submission from its contestants. They are not allowed to have any contact with the outside world and are closely monitored at all times. This level of control leaves the contestants vulnerable to exploitation by the producers.


Finally, the public nature of the show can be damaging to the contestants’ mental health. Many of them have spoken out about feeling overwhelmed and stressed after leaving the show.

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The Producers Take Advantage of the Contestants


The producers of Big Brother Naija take advantage of the contestants in a number of ways.


Most notably, the show exploits their physical and emotional vulnerabilities. Contestants are often sleep-deprived and malnourished, which can lead to them making poor decisions. The producers also manipulate the contestants’ emotions for ratings, leading to intense rivalries and conflicts.




In some cases, the contestants have been sexually assaulted or exploited by the show’s producers. The show’s lack of safeguards has led to a number of tragedies, including the death of one contestant.


The Show Is Heavily Edited to Create Drama


It’s no secret that Big Brother Naija is a reality show that thrives on drama. And while we love a good drama-filled episode as much as the next person, we can’t help but feel that the show is exploiting its contestants.


The thing is, the show is heavily edited to create drama. Contestants are often caught in the middle of fake arguments created by the producers, and sometimes, they’re even forced to act out certain scenes. This can be really damaging to their mental health, as they’re already under a lot of stress from being in the house.


It’s important to remember that what we see on television is not always reality. So before you pass judgment on these contestants, remember that they’re going through a lot behind-the-scenes that you don’t see.


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The Prize Money Is Not as Much as It Seems


The prize money for the contestants on Big Brother Naija is not as much as it seems. In fact, the grand prize is only 100,000 million Nigerian Naira, which is about $450,000 in U.S. currency.


Most of the contestants leave the show with nothing more than 50 million Naira, and many have to start working immediately after the show in order to make ends meet. Some have even said that they feel like they were taken advantage of by the show’s producers.


This exploitation of the contestants is just one example of the many dark sides to Big Brother Naija. The show has been criticized for its racism, sexism, and exploitation of its contestants.


The After-Effects of the Show Are Often Negative


It’s no secret that the show can be incredibly addictive. It’s one of the most-watched reality TV shows in Nigeria, and with good reason. It’s fascinating to watch people compete for a chance at fame and fortune.


But what happens when the cameras stop rolling? What about the contestants who are left to pick up the pieces? often, the aftermath is anything but positive.


Many former contestants have spoken out about the negative effects of being on the show. Some have talked about feeling suicidal after being eliminated, while others have spoken about being cyber-bullied by fans.


It’s clear that the show can have a negative effect on its contestants – and that’s something that should be taken into account before signing up.

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The Show Is a Bad Influence on Young Viewers


With its over-the-top drama and constant surveillance, Big Brother Naija is a bad influence on young viewers. The show encourages contestants to behave in a way that is often reckless and destructive, and does nothing to promote positive values.


The show also promotes the idea that it’s okay to exploit yourself for fame and fortune. Contestants often speak about how the show has changed their lives for the better, but it’s clear that the reality is far different.


Big Brother Naija is a disgrace to the Nigerian entertainment industry and should be canceled immediately.




Big Brother Naija is one of the most popular reality TV shows in Africa. It is the Nigerian version of the international show Big Brother. The show is a contest of physical and mental endurance, where contestants are isolated from the outside world and compete for a large prize.


While the show may be entertaining to watch, there is a dark side to it that is often ignored. Contestants are often exploited and used as pawns by the producers of the show. They are made to do outrageous things in order to get attention from the viewers, and this can have serious consequences for their mental health.


The producers of Big Brother Naija should be more responsible in their treatment of contestants. They should ensure that contestants are treated fairly and with respect. Contestants should be allowed to leave the show if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

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