Queen narrate the reasons she does not talk with Boma to Biggie

Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemate Queen has taken her time to explain what really happened that she doesn’t feel like talking to Boma again. She narrated all that happened to Biggie while she was in her diary session.


Queen said Boma is one of the fakest housemates in the house because he is cunning, manipulative, and trying to please everyone in the house. Queen said she just had to give him a breathing space due to his non-challant attitude in the house.

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She also explained to Biggie that this is not her first time saying she wouldn’t talk to Boma again but later went back to talk to him. Queen said Boma had an injury that fateful day and that was what prompted her to talk to him. She said she tried to make his food and look after him during that time but to her greatest surprise, Boma took it to other housemates that she is finding means to lock up with him.

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Queen further altered that what Boma did that was most frustrating to her was when he asked her to help him cook noodles last week Sunday. She said she was cooking Whitemoney noodles before Boma came and she decided to also help him too. But instead of Boma being good to her again, he went on saying trash about her before and after the eviction show.

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