MUST WATCH: Cross, WhiteMoney, Emmanuel and Angel’s reaction when they saw Nini [Video]

Big Brother has played a real big prank on the Big Brother as he asked Nini during her last diary session to exit the house when her fellow housemate are all unaware.


The Prank is for Nini to get as much privacy for a whole 24 hours So Nini was instructed to go through a secret door which is situated in the games room upstairs and the secret door leads to a secret white room.



Just few hours after her last diary session Nini indeed did a clean job as she sneaked out from the house using the secret door she went into the secret White room.

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To get the whole thing more spicy she had the opportunity as she was able to watch the other housemates as far as the 24 hours lasted her in the White room.





There were different opinions from her fellow housemates after Biggie instructed them to search the whole of the house for Nini and if they do not see her they are to take her belongings into the store room. Hmm quite interesting right?

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Thats it boom WhiteMoney opinionated that Nini might be a fake housemate. WhiteMoney explains further on his theory of Nini being a fake housemate as Cross as refused to accept the theory.


The shocking part now is waking up and meeting someone you have search endlessly through out the day for just lying in a bed close to you. hmm Watch their reactions when they saw Nini this morning below;


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