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Meet Deji And Modella The Two Fake Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemates

Deji And Modella Are Fake BBN Level Up Housemates

You should know that this Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up Edition is one no one can predict as the maximum vibe, twist from Big Brother is here to stay. During the live sunday show Ebuka Unveil two more housemate Deji and Modella to the Level up house which is making a total of 26 housemates.

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up edition consisted of two house the Level 1 house which is made up of 12 housemates and the Level 2 housemates also made up of 12 housemates. But there is a twist as Big Brother has introduced two new housemates Ayodeji and Modella who will serve as the two fake housemate for the Level up 2022 edition of the show.

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The 25th BBNaija Level Up Housemate is Ayodeji who otherwise is now popularly known by his Big Brother Naija 2022 edition entry name as Deji who will be the first fake housemate twist for the BBNaija 2022 edition he was ushered into the Level 1 house to join Sheggz, Hermes, Eloswag, Bella, Diana and others.

See Ayodeji ‘Deji’ BBNaija Entry Video Below;

Deji was introduced first as the first fake housemate twist for BBNaija 2022 Level Up edition and he promised to be as real as it gets as well as spontaneous and of course put his faith on his hot body to keep the game sizzling. Deji’s blood red outfit spoke volumes as it showed off his torso, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The 26th BBNaija Level Up edition Housemate is Modella who otherwise is now popularly known by his Big Brother Naija 2022 edition entry name as Modella she will be the second fake housemate twist for the BBNaija 2022 edition she was ushered into the Level 2 house to join Daniella, Beauty, Khalid, Bryann and the other trenches housemates.

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Watch Bella BBNaija Entry Video Below;

Meanwhile, Modella was the second fake housemates to be brought into the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up show, Modella describes herself as the content queen the House needs, came full of energy in a pure white bedazzled gown and that’s exactly what she promises Biggie fans. Africa will have to wait and see.

When Modella made her entrance into Level 2, the Housemates paused for a moment as if they were seeing a ghost. It was only when she spelled it out to them that she’s the new Housemate that she finally got a reaction.

Meanwhile, the tension in both Levels was so thick as the Housemates awaited their fate everyone thought Evictions were happening on the first Sunday live show after the launch sunday show and when the buzzer rang, there was complete silence and anticipation of what awaited them. At first nothing happened, which made them even more paranoid.

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So the main deal here is that the newest housemates of Level Up edition 2022 Deji and Modella are fake housemates biggie have so much vayolencee planned this season 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Why are Deji & Modella Fake Housemates?

The essence of being fake housemates in Big Brother Naija level up show is quite something to consider talking about. Big Brother is the master of twist as it is said he owns the show and determine what gets introduced into the reality tv show.

Last year BBNaija Shine Ya eye edition we had Pere Egbi and Maria Chike Benjamin as the two wild cards which can also be likened to be the fake housemates for the previous edition ‘The Shine Ya Eye edition. So we know what exactly happened as the wild cards are in the game to bring more spice and twist into the house.

Pictures Of BBNaija New Level Up Housemates

Deji BBNaija Pictures

Modella BBNaija Pictures

Meanwhile lets await more drama this season. dont forget to share with your love ones

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