Lady opens on how she earns her ”urgent 2k” working as a labourer (Video)

A Nigerian lady, Jennifer Efemonghe, has shared the story of how she ended up working as a labourer while still in school. This is currently the talkof time as it has gone viral.
The student, with Twitter handle @02franx had gone viral weeks ago after she shared photos and video of herself at a construction site in Benin City, Edo state.
Speaking in an interview with Legit, Jennifer opened up about her struggles, being looked down on by fellow students and how she copes with schooling and work.
Nigerian lady opens on how she earns her ”urgent 2k” working as a labourer (Video)

The student said that she made the decision to work as a labourer when she was returning from school on a random day.

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When her course mates discovered that she was working at a construction site, they questioned her about it in a demeaning manner which made her feel bad and embarrassed.



According to the young lady, she works there to make her urgent N2k because she doesn’t like to ask for money.
Speaking Jennifer said
“I really don’t like asking people for anything, so, whenever it looks like I’m broke, I run to the construction site. That’s where I make my urgent 2k,”
Watch the interview below

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