I Stand a Better Chance of Winning this year’s Big Brother Naija – Khalid

Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemate Khalid has declared that he stands a better chance of winning season 7 of Big Brother Naija because of his presence in the house.

Call in overconfidence or whatever, Khalid has stated what he feels and believes as long as this year’s big brother Naija is concerned, whatever game he has on his sleeve that makes him so sure about winning is best known to him we the viewers will see how that plays out.


If you are an ardent viewer of Big brother Naija season 7, you are in the best place to tell us what you think about Khalid’s declaration concerning winning the show this year use the comment section to relate with us, is Khalid’s presence felt in the house like he feels or it’s just overconfidence playing out.

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