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I Don’t Think Anyone has Ginger More Than Me in this House – Bryann Declares (VIDEO)

The big brother Naija season 7 housemate Bryann while talking with biggie about meeting the level 1 housemates and the after-effects on his fellow level 2 Housemates, declared that he doesn’t see anyone as being better than him when it comes to competition, (any competition) as long as he is concern he sees himself as the best and can on be focused on himself and will do anything to win.


Bryann of BBN



In his words, he said “I was super focused on the task and I didn’t get to observe the other set of housemates very well. In terms of competition, I really don’t send anybody, I don’t send where you’re coming from, me too I’m also coming from somewhere. There’s never gonna be a day where l wake up and not feel like I’m the best”.

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The fans are really liking the energy the housemate is oozing out and shows he is ready to win and make improvements in the house, according to one of Bryann’s fans on Twitter, Jamila “this is the kind of energy I like, the wining and never giving a F**k energy”.



This is coming after the housemate declared interest in Diana (No Guy Should Go Near Her, I Won’t Take It Easy), it’s really going to be an interesting ride on the show as things are beginning to look promising for Bryann who is getting much attention outside the house, as he just clocked 100k followers on Instagram.

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