“I Can Give You S€x Anytime You Need, Because I Love You” – Bella to Sheggz (Video)


The big brother Naija level up season 7 housemate Sheggz and Bella who happened to be lovers in the house and the most talked about lovers in the big brother Naija house.


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Sheggz who seems to be the controlling one in the relationship and always want things to go his own way, in a series of question and answer between the two of them Sheggz asked Bella the numbers of time they could have sex, read their conversation below:

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Bella: I’m not that kind of gal that wants to be in the kitchen cooking 24/7. I want to be served in bed and relax

Sheggz: not by me tho

Sheggz: How often are we going to have s*x

Bella:Hey,wat kind of nonsense question is that

Sheggz: You are an adult so I need to know

Bella: Any time you want it,I love you so it will be very natural