How to Activate BBNaija Channel on DSTV – Big Brother Naija Chennel 198

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Hello guys, see how to activate BBNaija Channel on DSTV Decoder to watch the Big Brother Naija 2019 reality show live. The step by step guide on how to activate your DSTV to channel 198 so you can watch the BBNaija 2019 show will be discussed here. Stay tuned,

Big Brother Naija 2019 show is the season 4 of the BBNaija show and is being hosted in Nigeria this season.

Big Brother Naija is a reality show that captures the attention of so many viewers all over the world.

The BBNaija show can be watched on DSTV Channel 198 and GOTV channel 12. You can see how to active the BBNaija channel on GOTV Here.

On this page, we’ll simply guide you on how to activate BBNaija Channel on DSTV so you can watch the big brother Naija show live from the comfort of your home.

Before we go into the activation process, let us see some requirements needed to watch the big brother Naija show on your DSTV decoder.

Requirements for watching BBNaija show on DSTV Channel 198

To have access to all BBNaija channels on your DSTV;

  1. You must subscribe to the compact or premium banquet
  2. Must activate channel 198 & 197 on your DSTV Decoder

Please Note: If you are subscribed to the DStv Access and Family bouquets, you’ll not be able to watch the 24/7 coverage of the BBNAIJA 2019 Show but you can watch highlight packages of the big brother Naija show on DStv channels Africa MagicAfrica Magic World.

Now, let us see how to activate Big Brother Naija channel on DSTV for the 2019 reality show.

How to activate Big Brother Naija channel on DSTV

Activating the BBNaija channel on DSTV is very simple, just follow the steps below.

  1. Tune your DsTv to channel 198
  2. Text “first 10 digits of your smartcard number and YES to 30333. e,g 1234567890 YES
  3. You must use the phone number you registered with your Smartcard number.

That is all about “How to activate BBNaija channel on DSTV”

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