Five Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa – No Money Or Expert Skills Required, just Hardwork


This page will present to you the Five Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online in Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa. See how to make money online right here.

Hi, in this post I hope to expose to you very practical, reasonable and responsible ways of making a living off the internet. This post is mainly designed for the unemployed, and underemployed youth. However, anyone with interest in adding to his source of income is welcome. Here, I bet you, after reading this piece, you’ll have some inspiration. So, relax, let’s get started on five Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Let me reassure you that here money or having professional skills are not prerequisites, but hardwork.

First of all, the present economic situation in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and indeed most other African countries no more requires an introduction. More people are dying of depression and economically induced illnesses daily. Sadly, in most cases, the youth are worst hit.

The truth is, the only way out of an unfulfilled economic life is to get yourself involved in as many available opportunities as possible. There are hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities, these 5 are my super picks.

How to Make Money Online in Africa

Let me stress again here that these fields of endeavor are NOT get-rich-quick schemes. The keywords here are simple – hardwork and dedication. Consistency is key.

1. Freelancing

This involves going to what is like the internet version of labour market to offer your services. If you have any skill, no matter how unimportant it may look, I can assure you there are hundreds or even thousands of people who are ready to pay u for the skill.

Would you believe a friend gets paid for just praying via video chat? I mean good USD.  Even if u can draw, or just think of brand names for people, design cards or websites, anything, I encourage you, give it a try.

To get started, there are dozens of freelancing sites like upwork, freelancer, upwork etc. Just visit any of these sites of your choice and start working.

2. Blogging

I have this feeling there will come a time when some people will wish they had dived in earlier. Blogging is like being a media house. However, you either choose to update your followers on latest happenings, or you anticipate a challenge they will have and proffer a solution beforehand.

Have you ever had a challenge, and just resort to googling a query? Like finding out how to do anything? Chances are that 99% of people exposed to internet enabled facilities have done that too.

Now, think of it. How come those articles got online? Fact is, someone like you did it. And you know what, you don’t get access to the net for free. You pay.
And indirectly, the system has a way of using that ur data fee to compensate the writer of the article for his intellectual investment.
To me, the best thing about blogging is the enormous power in your hands. The ability to shape opinions.

In fact, check out in our world of today. No one really knows any other person. Your perception of any other person is based on the quality of information you gather about the person.

I’ll advise you just learn. It could be helpful.

3. NNU

I have written an over 1,000-word article on this. I’ll definitely share it with you.
Personally, I’ve never felt so bad about not taking my chances until recently. I’m one fellow who never invests my money where I’m not sure of returns. Maybe my love for economics, and my brief, though ill fated period in the financial sector contributes to this.

NNU is a social platform just like Nairaland. The truth is they make so much money. But the wonderful thing is that they pay you for just visiting their site, reading their articles and contributing. In fact, if you actually refer someone, you get an extra 1,000 naira for each person. You get paid between 50naira and 100naira for every activity on the site. Don’t forget, you are not working, but simply enjoying yourself reading news or other articles as u usually do.

The only difference here is that you get paid. You may choose not to be a paid member, and just read for free. It isn’t compulsory though.
However, let me mention here that to be a paid member, you register with a one-time payment of 1,600 naira.
I encourage you to do it. In fact, if you maintain my referral, I’ll give you some tips on how to hit it BIG before the 27th of this month. Just follow this link to read my article. How to Start a Forum Topic on NNU, Make Money Online.

Social Media Influencing

This is indeed the most ridiculous, but real. While you’re just chatting and having fun on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc some other people are making huge pay from them. We know you don’t need so much money to have social followers. Being dedicated, hardworking and creative settles it all.

It is a fact that some popular “social media celebrities” you know make huge pay, simply posting a few sponsored contents on their handles.


E marketing involves simply selling people’s products online for a commission. E marketing is more or less like doing the job of a regular marketer. Just that, the physical environment is replaced by the internet. Also, here, you don’t need any capital to get started. Normally, you’re neither buying the product, nor having possession of the products. All you do is connecting buyers and sellers.


To round up, I’ll state here again that in as much as there are many opportunities on the internet, one has to be very careful. If you can stick to the five I just gave, believe me, you’ll make it.


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