EmmaRose Shippers! Emmanuel and Liquorose be giving us love vibes this morning (Watch Video)

EmmaRose Shippers! Emmanuel and Liquorose be giving us love vibes this morning (Watch Video)


EmmaRose Shippers this is fresh food to eat. Emmanuel and Liquorose be giving us love vibes this morning. In a viral video they prove their ship will sail.


Watch the video below;

In Case you missed the chat between Emmanuel and Liquorose last night, Check the chat below….

Keeping up with EmmaRose About last night

Emma: I have a confession babe, people are saying am boring coz we are always together , that I should try and be open to others.

Rose: who said it?

Emma: Boma and Angel, so do you think am boring?

Rose: hmm

Emma: what do you think i should do, mingle with others but i know you wouldn’t like it , how would you feel if u see me do that?

Rose: you know i told you to mingle with others so they won’t keep nominating you especially JMK since she is crushing on you

Emma: what plan do you have

Rose: I think i should flirt with Michael right infront of them just to give them something to talk about
Emma: am a jealous man i don’t wanna share my woman

Rose: it would be just an act , or stage a fight then JMK would obviously wanna console you

Emma: stop now i don’t like this plans one bit , why can’t I just be with you without all this drama
Rose: we have to play a game honey

Emma: I know the initial plan coming to this house was to flirt and have fun but all that changed as soon as you walked in

Rose: ncoooh ya so sweet 4 now let’s try to rest am sure I will come up with something that you will be comfortable to do

Emma: come give dzaddy some suga

Rose: relax am all yours aint going nowhere

Emma: if you leave me i will probably go mad

Rose: why now

Emma: do you know how long i waited 2 get this opportunity

Rose: I know since 2018, guess dreams do come through

Emma: more like fate brought us together so i ain’t messing up

Rose: mwaaaaah

Emma: so you promise 2 stick together no matter what
Rose: yes


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