Chichi Feels Adekunle has a Problem with Her, Confronts Him

BBNaija housemate Chichi, Feels Adekunle a fellow  Housemate who has a problem with her, and decided to confront him, in the process of expressing her feelings to Adekule, Adekunle was trying to shut her up but wasn’t taking any of that.


According to her, she feels Adekunle is simply taking a little argument/conversation they have too personal, and is overreacting, and warned that if she is not wanted in the conversation she should be told and she will mind her business.

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Should we call her the drama queen, maybe maybe not, the drama in the house is unfolding gradually and that is the essence of the show.

Adekunle BBN

You could remember she made the list of top 8 most talked about housemates of our every week chart on here the biggest BBNaija update blog, she is definitely creating content