How To Audition For Big Brother Titans For Free

Big Brother Organizers Opens Free Audition For NaijaXSouthy BBTitans Edition
Big Brother Organizers Opens Free Audition For NaijaXSouthy BBTitans Edition

Big Brother Organizers Opens Free Audition For NaijaXSouthy BBTitans Edition / How To Audition/Apply For Big Brother Titans


The Organizers Of Big Brother Reality television show is not taking it easy on the viewers this time as they have officially opened FREE AUDITION FOR BBTITANS which will get both Nigerians and South Africans in one house competition for a grand prize.


In this post content I will be explaining to you everything you need to know as regards AUDITION PROCESS FOR BBTITANS [THE SOUTH AFRICAN X NIGERIAN] version of the show. I will also explain in steps by steps how to get the Audition form, fill the BBTitans Audition form, and submit your 2 Minute video via audition website.


The organizers of one of the most popular and biggest reality show has just announced the opening of FREE AUDITION for NaijaXSouthy BBTitans Edition. This is just barely a week after the end of Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up edition where we also enjoyed premium entertainment from a whole amazing 28 housemates with Phyna emerging as the grand prize winner.


As you know every edition of Big Brother reality tv show is already a big success and it will be the avenue to bring more stars to limelight and fame. The good news is that like the just concluded BBNaija Level up edition, NaijaXSouthy BBTitans Edition Audition is completely free and it is 100% almost same way of filling audition forms and process online via the website.


Simple Steps To Apply For NaijaXSouthy BBTitans Edition Audition / BBTitans Form


The audition for NaijaXSouthy BBTitans edition is currently open and all interested applicants can start applying for the Big Brother Titans edition as the audition process is completely free. All you have to do is visit the audition link .


How To Apply For Big Brother Titans [BBTitans] Audition

Step 1: You need to get the NaijaXSouthy BBTitans audition form which is completely free of charge. To Get the audition form you need to visit to get the Big Brother Titans form for free.


Step 2: After completing the step 2 audition process for Big Brother Titans [BBTitans] where you get the audition form for free, the next thing you have to do is You need to read the terms and condition then agree to move to the next step pf the Big Brother Titans audition.


Big Brother Titans Audition Form & Process
Big Brother Titans Audition Step 2

* In order to continue to the next step, please read and accept the Terms and Conditions


Step 3: The audition process Step 3 is where you get to set up your BBTitans Audition profile, you have to submit your personal details like your name, identification means, first name, second names, nickname you will like to be addressed with on the show. See the photo below on what to do for the Big Brother Titans Audition step 3 remember audition is 100% free.


Big Brother Titans Audition step 3
Big Brother Titans Audition step 3


Please fill in all the mandatory fields (marked by *)


Step 4: In this step it you will be asked to submit a 2 minutes video explaining to Big Brother why you think you got what it takes to be in the show, You also need to explain in your video why you think you deserve to be in the show specifying some unique qualities you think you got.


Step 5: Step 5 of the audition process is also known as the finishing process where you have to confirm the details you already summited, then when you are satisfied with it all, completing step 1, 2, 3 and 4 then you have to hit the submit button.


NOTE: Although by auditioning doesn’t mean you will automatically be picked for the show, but if the organizers finds you interesting you might surprisingly be picked to further on your audition process, the organizers will reach you via email you already provided during your audition process.