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Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 10 Voting Poll & Result Percentage

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 10 Voting Poll & Result Percentage

Big Brother Naija ‘BBNaija’ 2021 Week 10 Voting Poll Result & Percentage | Week 10 Housemate Voting Poll Percentage


Thursday is the last day for voting in every eviction week in Big Brother Naija Season 6 Shine Ya Eye. For this week 10 voting poll and result, the voting starts exactly Monday 8:00PM and ends at Friday 9:00PM.


It the final voting week for the BBNaija Season 6 Shine Ya Eye show as this is the 10th week into the show as next week is the week 10 which is for the grand final challenge.

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WhiteMoney, Pere, Angel, Liquorose, and Cross are the finalist  in the Big Brother Naija house and to win the margin should favor them which is determined by the Votes they get.


Big Brother Naija ‘BBNaija’ 2021 Week 9 Voting Poll Result & Percentage | Week 9 Housemate Voting Poll Percentage


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BBNaija Week 10 Final Online Voting

  • PERE (52%, 31,791 Votes)
  • WHITEMONEY (37%, 22,599 Votes)
  • ANGEL (5%, 2,795 Votes)
  • LIQUOROSE (4%, 2,259 Votes)
  • CROSS (2%, 1,155 Votes)
  • EMMANUEL (2%, 1,072 Votes)

Total Voters: 61,670

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Voting Result from the BBNaija Week 10 Poll so Far


  • PERE (52%, 31,791 Votes)
  • WHITEMONEY (37%, 22,599 Votes)
  • ANGEL (5%, 2,795 Votes)
  • LIQUOROSE (4%, 2,259 Votes)
  • CROSS (2%, 1,155 Votes)
  • EMMANUEL (2%, 1,072 Votes)
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You can still vote for now using the official voting platforms and voting polls, after voting the bbnaija week 10 official results will be display to you. For more voting power always refresh the web page.


BBNaija Week 10 Final Voting Result | Week 10 Voting Poll Result in Big Brother Naija


  1. Can we also c Pere winning some task for a change please? All housemates r equal please stop being biased & hating other housemates for no reason.

  2. We’re the viewers & we can c that bbn don’t want pere to win any task how do u determine the winners by making the particular housemates to be winning tasks all the time it’s not fair.pere PERE pere pere pere pere pere

  3. If it wasn’t for PERE Rose would’ve got away with any mistake done u just combined the mistake because u have favoured Rose,s winnings the whole 9 weeks & she’s the richest housemate so why punish pere that u have penalised from winnings from day 1. Please have a fair heart on all housemates.

  4. I vote for pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere pere for the money

  5. BBN all the viewers have seen with open eyes how they voted it’s whitemony & Pere leading with votes therefore don’t play your twist on Pere that u hate most otherwise viewers will lose interest in the show.

  6. U chose them therefore be neutral to all of them. Some housemates know that they’re the favourites & can tell that u r not favouring others. Rose & others have been given enough money why can’t u consider giving some to PERE who’s always done well but u always find faults.

  7. Pere is a child of God & so r u BBN please have compassion all the housemates came there for money stop segregation we’re all Africans & am an African all the way from Malawi & I love all the housemates being my fellow Africans but PERE is the best entertainer Pere Pereeeeeee

  8. BBN made Whitemony win Peace speech task win yesterday to make his fans happy despite him failing to finish within specified time but don’t BBN feel that PERE,s fan deserve to be happy as well? It’s good to c your fav winning task but why r denying us PERE,s fans the same happiness? Be considerate Pere Pereeeeeee all the wayyyyy


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