Best ways to make money on Fiverr: Fastest way the make money online with Fiverr

how to make money on fiverr

Check out how to make money online by selling a service on Fiverr

This article will guide you completely to improve your monthly income so that you can be able to pay your bills and things.

A lot of people have been wondering about how they can turn around their financial stand through any authentic online platform, especially now that so many online platforms have turned out to be a scam on the long run. 

As a result of this, the interest of many in online money making platforms have wobbled, while some others don’t even want to hear of such story because they have been scammed in sometimes past. 

But there is an authentic platform which stands out from others where you can start making money online even today. This platform is known as Fiverr

So many articles have been written on how you can make money through Fiverr, but after going through this post, you will not have any difficulty starting your own online money making journey today. Let’s get started. 

make money on fiverr

What is about?

Fiverr is a global online marketplace which offers tasks, services and products starting at a minimum cost of $5.

Survey has revealed that Fiverr gets almost 4.8 million visitors every month. As a smart entrepreneur, this provides an opportunity for you to key in and make cool money online through this medium by selling your products and services to them. 

In Fiverr, some terms are used to fully define the different activities one does. One of these terms is GIG. The term gig refers to every service or task you provide on the Fiverr platform.

Considering the huge number of visitors to Fiverr, you do not need to worry about the promotion of your gig and how the payments are handled as Fiverr handles this for you efficiently. 

Your focus should be channelled towards providing high-quality services so as to maintain your ratings because the success or failure of your gig is determined by the ratings given by your customers and this in turn affects how fast you can make money online with Fiverr.

Disparate services are offered on Fiverr and these services include :

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphics and design
  • Music and audio
  • Advertising, as well as anything you can think of practically. 

The service you provide determines the price  of your gig, but the minimum amount charged is $5

Top Fiverr gig sellers have made nothing less than $50,000 per year by providing high-quality services and growing their influence on the platform, and you too can make money online from Fiverr and be known as one of the top gig sellers. 

Fiverr platform is best suited for :

People who love the freedom of working and doing what they really like and have passion for.
People who have the heart to help others by making their lives easier. 

How long does it take to create a gig on Fiverr?

This is one of the questions asked about Fiverr gig. Gigs on Fiverr can be created in less  than one hour, but first, you have to sign up on Fiverr. 

Note that while creating your gig, you will have to include the title of your gig, write a brief description of your gig, include gig’s image, and insert relevant tags and keywords. 

These are needed so as to give your customers a brief description of who they’re dealing with,  which in turn boosts their trust and confidence in you. The more you’re trusted, the higher your chances of making money online .  

Skills You Need:

Everyone who have indepth knowledge about a particular area, and are willing to use it and make life easier for others. 

Useful tips you need:

  • Know your best skills:

The first thing you have to do is a critical analysis of yourself in order to bring to bare the skills you are really proficient at and then stick to tasks  related to them until you see some degrees of success. 

For instance, if you are really good at graphic designs or website designs, then you can go ahead and create those gigs on Fiverr that are related to  logo and website designing. 

  • Do some background research :

 In some cases,one may have some wonderful gig ideas, but it turns out not paying as was expected. You wouldn’t want to fall a victim of such. 

To avoid such ugly situations,  it is vital that you  conduct initial research into the niche you want to select, in order to be conversant with what your buyers are interested in. That way you will be able to make money online more faster from this platform. 

  • Look for popular gigs related to your skill set :

One of the sure strategies of becoming successful with Fiverr is to bringing  out popular gigs relating to your field of expertise, studying  them and then modeling your gig accordingly. 

Some major metrics you should consider while studying other gigs include:
4.Pricing strategy
5.Up sell strategy
6.Bonus strategy 

  • Craft your gig’s title:

After you must have finished gathering your data, the next point of  call will be the creation of your gig. To do this, your first step will be title creation. 

Consider the following tips so as to fully optimize your title:

Based on the research you have conducted, model your gig title by using some catchy words in the description to ensure that it captures the attention of your customers and is also relevant to him or her. 

For instance, if you are proficient at logo designs, to make money online quickly from this, you can offer logo designing gigs with titles such as:

Look forward to my  EPIC logo designs in 24 hours

I’ll design some PROFESSIONAL  logos with free revisions

I’ll design 2 ASTOUNDING logos BONUS free editable file. 

-The above 3 titles are beautifully  crafted such that it can capture the attention of just any customer because they contain 2 vital things:

Firstly, they have all captivating words such as EPIC, PROFESSIONAL, ASTOUNDING an BONUS. These words certainly catches the attention of all the  right people. 

Secondly, they are all appealing to the vital aspects that anyone who wants to  design a logo will be looking at.

  • Create your gig’s name:

During your background  research period, you must have noticed that  some gigs had images which were of higher quality and more catchy compared to others. 

Take note of such images and incorporate the inspiration derived from them while modeling  your own images.

Once you have a clear idea of the images you want to create, proceed and use free online editing tools such as Pixlr or  Befunky to create your gig’s image. 

  • Write  a brief description of your gig:

While describing your gig, ensure that you are precise and that the description is appealing enough to your potential customers as this will help to convince your customers to place orders with you. 

To gain more insight on how to write your gig description, check the description on other top related gigs and model your description on them. 

Note that copying other gig’s description will get you banned. Get the inspiration from them and create your unique description.

 Also, ensure that you list your gig into the right category so as to maintain your prominence. 

  • Use the right tags:

Tags play important roles in the ranking of any gig, but most people are still unaware of the role that tags play, hence they ignore it.

 So you can take advantage of that and overtake them if you can optimize your gigs efficiently by using appropriate tags. This way you can make more money online with Fiverr.

  • One more points you have to note is that to make money online with Fiverr, the credibility and uniqueness of your work will go a long way to help you. 

There might be many people out there who are already in the niche you selected, but if you can understand the needs of your customers and are able to meet up with these needs in the best possible way, then you will be able to convince them and turn them into your long time clients. 

This way, you will make money online with Fiverr without taking too long. 

How to monetize:

Making money online with Fiverr is easier. The more people place orders with you, the more money you make.

Your user ratings is directly affected by the works you deliver. This, in turn, affects the way orders are placed with you. 

The higher the user rating, the higher the orders will be. Ultimately, this affects how you make money online with this platform. 

You need not worry about the payment processes as these are securely handled by Fiverr.


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