#BBNReunion: The Gbas Gbos Between Beatrice and Maria Chike [Video]

#BBNReunion: The Gbas Gbos Between Beatrice and Maria Chike [Video]

Tonight’s episode 11 of the Big Brother Naija Shine ya EYe Season 6 Reunion is all about the drama and confrontations in the house.


We will be breaking down every conversation between maria Chike Benjamin and Beatrice at the Reunion Show to you and in a very easier way to understand with full videos for you.



Yerins said Beatrice played Herself and was totally misunderstood in the house. Maria says Beatrice’s personality in the house seemed confusing to her. So, she just shut her out in her mind.

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Beatrice : I don’t like Maria… I don’t like people who try to control me & she is like that


Here Comes the Main Gbas Gbos between Maria and Beatrice tonight at the episode 11 of the BBNaija Shine ya Eye 2022 Reunion show.


Maria to Beatrice: you are not my type of friend.

Beatrice to Maria: I don’t need friends that sléé with people’s husband and are husband snatchers.

MARIA to Beatrice: how many men have you slept with since you left the BBNaija show.

Beatrice to Maria: I need to slàp some sense in to you.


Watch Video clip below;

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