BBNaija Reunion: Ozo’s anger with Prince has something to do with Nengi? (Full Video)

BBNaija Reunion: Ozo




Big Brother Naija season 5 (Lockdown) reunion show is still serving us so much drama and untold truths being revealed.




Some fellow housemates have talked about the rift that happened during the show between Ozo and Prince Nelson. According to Neo, he said that in his own opinion he feels the anger thrown at Prince by Ozo was triggered by Nengi.





Some other housemates said on the contrary that they believe Ozo reacted toward Prince the way he is supposed to. Lucy said seeing Ozo angry was not common because it unlike him so when he is angry that means it has hurt him really deep.




But Ozo said that the reason for his reaction to Prince was because he always feels very bad anytime he sees Prince acting weird anything another person in the house wins a competition which he lost.




This question is currently making the rounds as many react that Ozo’s anger has something related to Nengi.



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