#Bbnaija Official Website: Steps to Apply for Big Brother Naija Audition – Best Ways to Prepare, Wear to Audition Venue

Big brother Naija audition venue

Hello, the countdown to the bbn audition is on. In fact, the frenzy will peak in just a matter of hours. In our usual fashion, we’ll be responding to some of the most regular queries we have received recently. Here we will debunk every misinformation. So, if you’re still worried about how to apply on the official site, steps to apply online, or what to wear to the audition venue, this post is for you.

Steps to Apply for Bbnaija 2019

Big Brother Naija Audition will hold in a few days. However, there seems to be insufficient info on how to apply. This is mainly due to the expectations of the aspirants. We all know in Nigeria, “registration” or “application” always connotes completing a lengthy application form and going through so many pre-registration hassles. But thank God for bbnaija and its organizers who have indeed chosen to be unique.

In our previous posts, we clearly stated that you do not need to work up yourself to be allowed into the house. All you need do is to decide which venue you want to attend, prepare yourself and go there as early as possible with your passport. Shekina! If you are not sure of what to carry, please read the post below, or ask in the comment section.

BBNAIJA 2019 Requirements, Qualifications and Documents – Is International Passport Compulsory for Big Brother Naija Audition?

How to Prepare for Bbnaija Audition

This is also one topic we have addressed a number of times before now. But to summarize everything, I advise you just know the history and objectives of big brother, the current trends on the internet (whether entertainment related or not) as well as basic current affairs. Note that intelligence is one of the primary virtues the jury watches out for. Also know how to package yourself and your brand. Expect to tell them why they should favour you over the other thousands of people who are equally applying with you. The articles below should be helpful

What to Wear for Bbnaija Audition

This issue may seem unimportant, but your success may depend on it. Before deciding what to wear, you need to visualize the event, and decide it’s nature.

Bbnaija audition is not a very formal event. Hence being all serious may not let you be free enough to express the real you. At the same time, you do not wanna appear like a misguided popstar. Don’t forget we are in Africa where everyone is a moral judge.

Therefore I recommend going for a business casual, or a decent casual wear. Be careful not to look too serious, or too tattered. For the ladies, note this – modesty is the best deal. You expose or cover too much, you ruin your chances.

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