BBNaija: “I like Chomzy, but I’m Open for a Relationship with Rachel” – Hermes Tells Biggie

Big brother Naija level up Season 7 housemate Hermes told biggie he likes Chomzy in his Diary Session and might be open to ship with Rachel. Below is the conversation that ensued between Hermes and biggie in the dairy session.




BB: How are you doing?

HERMES: it’s a lot Biggie. Mixed feelings.
First it was Allysyn and later I had to withdraw. I moved to having feelings with Chomzy but she wanted to be with Eloswag. Had to move back to my individuality.
Now it’s Rachel. She said she likes me and told everyone. After she said that, all the ladies in the house has changed towards me.
Now Chomzy is telling me I can’t move away from chasing her.

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BB: What do you intend to do about Rachel interest in you


HERMES: It came at a time I have been rejected by two ladies in two weeks. It’s huge. Biggie fine boy like me getting bounced twice is not easy. Just when I wanted not to be with any woman, she is pushing on me.


BB: What is your favorite meal


HERMES: Eba and Egusi. It disturbs my stomach but I love it.


BB: Are there people who dislike your favorite meal.

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HERMES: Not met any


BB: Such people exist?


BB: If you meet any of them, will that make you stop.


BB: So don’t let it border you much. You always tell BB that you are a handsome young man

Harmes: What’s your take on your new house.

BB: Thank you. This time, no one can avoid anyone here. We will become more intimate here

BB: Your thoughts about the new housemates

HERMES: Rachel has been able to bring us all together through cooking. Smiles to everyone and ready to help.
Dunno anything about chizzy.

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BB: The theme for this week is fashion, art and craft. Tell BB what it means to you.

Hermes: that’s my field Looking forward to that.


Hermes is not slowing down, is he all of a sudden attracted to the new housemate Rachel, anyways the diary session has been interesting so far a lot has been going on through the question and answer session and we will keep updating you on the happenings.