BBNaija: Fake Relationship in The Big brother Naija house You Need to Know (Details)

The big brother Naija level up season 7 show is at it fullest and the fans are already having their favorite, not like it’s too fast though, we’re already in week 5, with relationship springing up and down, so with my observation, here are the relationships i feel are fake.


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I don’t want to be that guy that kills the relationship vibes the fans are enjoying, but someone has to say it, and I guess I Miraykul will say it, I will take the stone and bullet that comes with saying it.


Most of the relationship you’re going to see here if you use logic you will definitely see the level of fakeness in this relationship, I have personally studied past and present seasons, it all boils down to the strategy that works for you, as long as you win the price, that is the goal, the game is the game.


Table of Contents

Groovy and Phyna

They seems to be the most loved and most talked about Housemates couple in the house, our fine boy Groovy is the most sort after in the house after his relationship with Beauty ended, due to her disqualification, our boy went wild and was freed.


Groovy and Phyna relationship is the most fake relationship in the big brother Naija house, though the fans may disagree as have seen many of them do In comment sections of post saying so.

Phyna has made it very obvious as she said it out one time. Whether by mistake or not apart from the fans, people are really seeing into how fake the relationship is.


Bella and Sheggz

I always say the game is the game and the best player wins. Their relationship started first week after the show and it was all reading fake, fake, fake.


If I had written this 2 or 3 weeks ago, they would’ve been on the first page, but over the week they keep trying to prove everyone wrong, but what is fake is fake no matter how good you’re in concealing it fakeness. To me their relationship is fake and only benefiting one person and doing bad to the other person, I won’t tell though.

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Khalid and Daniella

Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be, I feel to some extent their relationship is having this fake vibe though I feel it’s from one end and the other end is trying to really give the real vibes.

This will be the most argued though, but I give their level of fake 40% simply because the fakeness or maybe call it unseriousness is coming from one side.


Chichi and Dotun

How fake? 50% most of this housemate feel they get more fans or stay longer in the house if they indulge in a relationship that’s why we have lot’s of them getting into one, or trying to get into one.

For Chichi and Dotun relationship, I perk the level of fakeness at 60%, to me no matter how late your relationship start in the house, it doesn’t determine how real it’s, you might agree with me, and again a fake relationship can grow into a real one.

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Giddyfia and Amaka

Our unofficial couple, (Lol) Amaka the grand price hustler is gradually forgetting she came to win the price and not to win a man, or maybe she done tire.

Like I said, many housemates feel getting into relationship brings more fans and are doing anything to get into one. Amaka and Giddyfia relationship is one relationship giving that vibe, though they’ve not officially accept the fact that they’re in a relationship, but it’s all a strategy, I call this type of strategy “Give them suspense” they keep hinting and making you keep them there to see more while they’s nothing to see


Like I stated, this is my personal opinion under the “Writer opinion” but you’ll definitely agree with me maybe not now, but after the show, “Emarose” happened and In an article I said something about their relationship being fake.

Notwithstanding, a fake relationship can still grow into something real as we have seen relationship grow into marriages and all.

What’s your opinion and thought on this article share with us.