BBNAIJA EX-Housemates “Tobi Bakre” Accused of Animal Cruelty After holding a Horse Neck Tightly (See his reaction + Video)

bbnaija tobi bakre

Hi guys, welcome to This time, we are reporting about the problem the BBNAIJA Tobi Bakre has gotten himself into. See below for more news about BBNAIJA Ex-housemates Tobi Bakre.

News about BBNAIJA Tobi Bakre how he got into a messy controversy as stated by particular film director named Diji has been going online just of recent.

Tobi Bakre was accused by the director of stealing a creative concept for a photo shoot. Meanwhile, The model and photographer took to defending himself against the accusation levied against him.

But now, it seems that these photos taken by BBNAIJA Tobi Bakre has gotten him into another trouble.

Tobi Bakre had promised to release the said photos. Yes he did but in one of those photos, he was spotted holding tightly the neck of a struggling horse in a shirtless pose.

While Tobi Bakre was posing with the horse whose name is Sunshine, the horse can be seen struggling with him which shows total disagreement between the Sunshine and BBNAIJA Tobi Bakre.

With this, people have accused Tobi  Bakre of Animal Cruelty as he forced the horse to take such picture despite the disagreement of the horse.

Their outrage at the photo must have been instigated by the fact that Tobi revealed that the horse is one-eyed.

Due to this, many have asked the talented BBNAIJA Ex-housemate “Tobi Bakre” to take down the photos. See the tweets and video below.

tobi bakre


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