Bbnaija Audition: What Happens at the Audition Venue and How to be Successful at the 2019 Big Brother Naija Audition – Tips to Win

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I’ll start this post with a very powerful quote – “the best way to prepare for an event is to visualize it”. Like Robert Greene would advise in his 48 Laws of Power, plan all the way to the end. But, how do you plan when you know not what to expect? Meanwhile, we have received a lot of queries on how to be successful at the audition. To answer that, we’ll give you a few tips on what to expect at the Big Brother Naija audition venue.

This page will let you know what can happen at the BBnaija 2019 auditions venue and how you can be successful with your BBnaija 2019 Audition. Stay tuned.

The Big Brother Naija audition venue is more or less like any other regular audition or interview session. Let me point out here again that the forms are not sold or even available anywhere else outside the venue. In fact, for now, you do not need to do anything.  Just relax and take out time to truly know yourself.

So, for now, do I mean you should go to sleep? No, not really. Audition comes up in matter of hours. Keep working with your coach to prepare effectively. This is personal. You don’t necessarily need to pay anyone, or buy any form. Just be focused.

The Audition Venue: What happens There?

Big brother Naija audition venueThe announcement of the dates and venue of the audition marks the official beginning of the show. The announcement has been made on the official website. It is scheduled to hold on the 1st and 2nd of February.

See the full details here – Big Brother Naija 2019 Auditions to Hold February 1/2 2019: See Full Details of Venues

Bbnaija auditionEveryone is encouraged to make it to the venue as early as possible. There, you’ll complete a few documentations. It’s done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other applicants. My advice is, take a selfie with as many as possible. You never know who will be successful.

You’ll eventually be invited inside when it’s your turn to start the audition proper. Your journey starts there.

What Bbnaija 2019 Audition will Look Like

We expect the audition process for 2019 to be slightly different from the previous editions. Expect multiple stages of audition. Very likely, the audition will maintain regional and national levels. Hence, being successful at the venue may not necessarily mean you will be casted.

More candidates will be picked at the states than what is actually needed. They may all be assembled in a sought of boot-camp for further screening. The bootcamp will be like a typical Big Brother Naija House. Here you’ll be watched more closely, given some guidance and screened appropriately.

Note that you may have to manage information more discreetly.

The BBN Interview Proper – What the Panelists Will be Looking Out For

One of the scariest part of Big Brother Naija is actually knowing you are going to face a panel. Over 70 percent of applicants pick more interest in this area. In fact almost everyone frets over this episode.

Meanwhile, for a prepared mind, you will never be caught off-guard. You are not going for an exams. You’ll basically get open ended questions. The questions will centre around you and your values. Be careful not to get yourself into a tight corner as you may determine the pace of the questions.

In all the questions however, the fact remains that the panelists look out for more things than the details you supply. In fact, to some extent the answers you give are of very little significance. What matters more is how you present it – your body language and your intelligence.

Tips to be Successful at the Big Brother Naija Audition – Secrets that Will Win You a Place

  • Master the art of body language: A notable psychologist once said that an average effective communication takes between 60 to 70 percent body language. The impact of the spoken word is between 30 to 40 percent. Imagine someone apologizing after offending you. Anyone could say he’s sorry, but what will determine acceptance would be the manner it is said and the non-verbal gestures. So, while speaking to the judges, communicate effectively.
  • Borrow some confidence: This is the major reason why candidates loose the interest of the interviewers. You don’t expect any interviewer to take you serious if you end up fidgeting like a 3-year old baby. Even if you have never been on a stage before, just try rep well. Try to look at the panelists when delivering your missiles. Though, know that thin line between self confidence and pride. Try not to appear proud and disrespectful.
  • Speak simple but correct English: English in Nigeria is not just a means of communication, but a proof of basic intelligence. To be taken seriously in the first place, you have to speak fluent English. Also, avoid the use of unnecessary grammatical expressions. Don’t go for big grammar. It’s a no no.
  • Be passionate about your ideals: There’s a great possibility you’ll be asked to speak about yourself. Use that opportunity to market yourself and what you stand for.
  • Don’t look desperate: There’s a thin line between showing that real hunger for the show, and looking desperate. Focus more on what you’ll bring to the game, rather than how the show will help you achieve your dreams.
  • Don’t be scared to discuss yourself: Go really personal when given the chance. Talk about the positives as well as the negatives. However, be honest and real.
  • Be unique and creative: Nothing strikes a chord like being different from the others. Just have a clear strategy of achieving success in mind. Think of something that will act like your selling point. I don’t think any bbnaija follower would forget “based on logistics” and “we die here”. Just think.
  • Show your acting and oratory skills: While on the stage, be free and inspire some laughter where necessary. Put up some light drama. The panelists are humans. You can covince them.
  • Show courtesy: Basic courtesy is key. Just greeting your interviewers and thanking them where need be could work magic.
  • Be decent: This is very important. The target audience is Nigeria and the rest of Africa where personal hygiene and appearance is very important. No matter your hairstyle, just don’t look unkempt. Dress well and look fashionable. And choose your diction properly. Control your use of vulgar words.
  • Be yourself: The main aim of the audition is to meet you. Therefore, just be your true self. Have it at the back of your mind that not everyone is meant to be on Big Brother. You can still achieve your dreams without it. So, have an open mind. Whatever comes out of it, do not feel bad. You may try again on the next audition, or simply move on. Truth is, a good number of people who make an audition have  previously lost out at others. So, don’t give up. It’s better to try and fail, than never to have tried at all.
  • Go early: Last but not least, be punctual. This may seem as the most unimportant on this list, but truly, it is important. Take it seriously. The interviewers are humans. They get tired as they spend more time. There are more likely to be impressed by the early goers. Going late comes with a risk that they may actually pick the character trait they are looking for before you come in.

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Character Traits the Big Brother Naija Audition Panelists Look Out For by Ebuka


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  6. I’m so happy to read dis, well said thanks so much for d information, d information is very insightful. U r really a super smoochy, a very big thank u for making me to know all dis preparation methods.and yes we would like d Ebuka Obi uchedu to share d character traits d panelist will be looking for coz I can’t wait.
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