#Bbnaija Audition Questions: How Bobrisky Helped Tobi – Leaked Tips on how to Pass Big Brother Naija Interview by Bisola

Bbnaija Audition Questions

This is BBNAIJA Audition questions page. See what questions you should expect from the Big Brother Naija 2019 audition.

Please note: Auditioning was on FEB 1 and FEB 2

Bbnaija audition Questions, How to Pass Big Brother Naija Interview, Big Brother House

Hello, we thought of it that the bbnaija audition is days away and it would be great putting you through what to expect. Here you will learn about the likely questions you may encounter on your journey to the bbnaija house. Also, we won’t just give you open ended BBNaija audition questions, but will try to give you a guide on how to answer them well. But as Bisola would advise,

be your best…It is not about your dress or how you pose, Just… dress how you deem fit

Meanwhile, we have already published some articles we believe will be of utmost help. Do well to review them below.

tobi bbnaijaAs a tip, let’s share with you how Tobi Bakre got to be admitted into the Double Wahala House. Tobi could not make it on the 9th for some certain reasons. In fact, he arrived the venue on the final day feeling tipsy from the previous night’s hangover.
To shorten the long story, he walked into the hall faced with different items. He was asked to pick any one of his choice. Without delay he casually picked a wig. Consequently he was asked why he chose that. Guess his answer – “Bobrisky”. He knows Bob to be obsessed with wigs, and all the bla bla…

What he said may not really appear to make any sense to an average person, but the truth is, the interviewers do not even care about the details of the answers you give. They look beyond that. Tobi simply made it beyond this stage because of his being “real” and honest with himself. His ability to make sense within such a short period, as well as his confidence gave him a big boost.

Facts to Note

Before going any further, I’ll like you to have a few facts in mind.

Bbnaija audition

  • First, that you are not the only one who wants to be there. Hundreds, if not thousands of people equally want to be on the show. So, prepare to meet a lot of people at the venue.
  • Second and most important, be yourself. We know it is said that he who fails to plan plans to fail, but what we will advice is that you prepare your mind to flow with whatever comes your way.
  • Prepare to spend the entire day there. Do not be in a hurry as the audition may likely end very late in the day.
  • Reflex reaction to irregular questions probably carries the highest score. So, prepare for unusual circumstances
  • Do not be overly desperate. BBnaija house is not the only way to success in life.
  • Do a little research about the show and just any topic worth knowing.
  • Be up to date on social media trends
  • Build a reasonable Social media profile. Make yourself a brand.
  • Finally, expunge the conspiracy theories from your head. Some conclude that the process is fixed, and that you must “know someone” to be allowed in. But, if I must comment on that, check out Alex and Nina for example. Who do you possibly think they knew? All I advise is that you sell yourself in an impressive way. No one wants to see a boring housemate on the screen.

Big Brother Naija Audition Questions

We have already stated that the audition process lays more preference on the psychometric test. However, if you fortunate to scale through the process, then the formal interview phase shouldn’t really be an issue.

  • Why do you want to be on the show
  • What is your drive in life
  • Why do you think you deserve to be on the show
  • What are your strategies, getting into the house
  • If successful, do you have any plans after the house
  • Who is your favorite housemate and why?
  • How do you see the Big Brother Naija show? If you were to suggest improvements, what would it be?

How to Answer the Questions

The greatest disservice most intending housemates make is cramming a set of questions, and providing ready-made answers even before stepping into the audition venue. That in my view is very bad. Instead, I encourage making up your mind to apply certain principles to whatever answer you are giving, irrespective of the question. Below are a few tips you may want to consider.

  • First, know the objectives of the show, and present your answers in line with that. When asked a question like why you want to be on the show, first of all think of why the show was created in the first place. Next, you present yourself in line with the objectives. Something like you know the show is most importantly to entertain viewers, and as well give a platform to entertainers to build their brand. Tell them how entertaining you are, what and what your fans will love you for. Go ahead to let them know the big plans you have for the future. Do not forget to include the direct impact BBNaija will have on your career.
  • Next, bear in mind that your body language speaks louder than the words you speak. You don’t want to look timid to the members of the panel. So, try as much as possible to add some humor to your answers.  Make sure you exhibit confidence.
  • Smile. Show positive energy. Of course, nobody wants to watch a depressed fellow.


This article is mainly to arm you with what to expect during the audition. We have written this in response to several queries from our dear readers. If you have any other question, or would like to participate in the show please indicate in the comment section.

Also, we encourage you to always check back for the latest tips and info.


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  3. Please where’s the site for online registration, where I can fill my info, upload my picture and a recorded video?


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