#Bbnaija Audition: Is the Instagram Challenge, Pictures and Video Challenge Necessary? Minimum Followers You Should Have on Social Media

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Hey, it’s the eleventh hour, and the rumour mills are going a step further to churn out more confusion. As usual, we’ll come to the rescue by putting facts straight as regards the bbnaija audition. Today we will deal with the Instagram tagging challenge, the picture and video upload and the how popular you must be to be featured on the big brother naija 2019.

Instagram Challenge – Necessary or not?

I have chosen to start here because sincerely this is the most disturbing issue we have faced recently. A few days back, a post was released on the DSTV official handle asking potential housemates, or their fans to tag someone suitable to be casted on the show. As typical of Nigerians, we took that for some sort of registration or endorsement. Most people went as far as getting ex housemates and famous celebrities to “recommend” them.


We regret to tell you that the challenge was grossly misunderstood. It was strictly for publicity and fun. No one will get screened on the basis of this challenge. It was only meant to spread the word for others who may have interest in the show, but not aware of the audition updates.

As a matter of fact, once screened successfully, the first task of every housemate is always a secrecy challenge. Big Brother mandates every successful aspirant not to go public until officially unveiled. So the easiest way to even get yourself disqualified is by sharing on social media when you make it past the screening process.

Do you Need Huge Amount of Followers to Pass Bbnaija Audition

This is another issue we know a lot of aspirants are concerned about. Having a huge amount of followers is cool. But the truth is that no one cares about your social profile. You will only be judged on the basis of your performance at the auditions. However, if you have a good amount of followers, you may turn it to your advantage by telling the judges how that will aid the show.

Image and Video Upload

In spite of addressing this in our previous posts, aspiring housemates still call to ask how to upload their pictures and videos on the official site. To address this once and for all, we do not know of such requirement. That is not a requirement for bbnaija 2019. As we have been saying, you only need to go to the audition venue. Everything we’ll be done there.

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  1. Hello sir. You are such a wonderful soul. Your blessed already. Please, for those who can’t afford an International passport, will there still be an opportunity for them to audition? Thanks

  2. David Sylva I have never come across a blog as REAL as yours, you are if not the only reason why I take BBN serious because the confusion frm each site is very appoling. God bless you. You are doing a very good job.


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