BBNaija 2019 Timetable, TV Channels & General Plans Revealed by Organizers

bbnaija timetable for 2019

Hello guys, this page will show you the BBNaija 2019 timetable, TV channels (DSTV & GOTV) and the general plans for the big brother Naija reality show 2019 as revealed by the 2019 organizers of the show “MultiChoice”. See highlights of the BBNaija 2019 season 4. Stay tuned.

We know that all big brother Naija lovers are waiting for the BBNaija 2019 reality show to commence as soon as possible. Yes, the organizers know about that.

This is why they have decided to let the general public to know their plans for this year’s Big Brother Naija show promised to be better than the last episode.

So, if you have been searching for when will BBNaija 2019 start, when will BBNaija 2019 commence, when is BBNaija 2019 starting, when is BBNaija 2019 commencing, when is BBNaija 2019 going to start, when is BBNaija 2019 coming, when will big brother Naija start, when will big brother Naija 2019 air, when will big brother Naija 2019 start on TV, when will they start big brother Naija 2019, when will big brother Naija 2019 commence?

Then, you are on the right page that will explain everything about the BBN schedule for 2019. Keep on reading.

BBNaija 2019 Timetable – Big Brother Naija Latest news

According to the organizers of the big brother Naija 2019 show “MultiChoice”, this year’s BBNaija show will start with an exclusive reunion show which a special Pop-up channel on DSTV and GOTV will be introduced for viewers to watch the 2017 and 2018 episodes of the BBNaija reality show (See Gobbe and Double wahala).

MultiChoice revealed that the BBNaija pop-up channel opens on Friday, 1 March at 10 am and runs till Sunday, 31 March at midnight on the special DSTV and GOTV Channels which will be given as you read further.

For more excitement, a special BBNaija housemates reunion show will be aired on DSTV and GOTV channels starting from Monday, 18 March to Sunday, 31 March and feature the stars of the BBNaija Double Wahala season.

Big Brother Naija 2019 DSTV & GOTV Channels

In order to serve big brother Naija viewers better during this year’s BBNaija reality show, the organizers of the show have given the DSTV and New GOTV Channels to watch big brother Naija show live from the comfort of your home.

The DSTV and GOTV channels are given below.

BBNaija 2019 Channel on DSTV

Season 4 of the big brother Naija show will be watched on DSTV Channel 198. So, if you are an active DSTV Subscriber, see how to activate BBNaija on DSTV HERE.

BBNaija 2019 Channel on GOTV

The organizers have equally given a new channel to all its GOTV max and plus plans subscribers.

If you are using GOTV Max or GOTV Plus, then you can watch the big brother Naija show live from your home on GOTV Channel 12.

See this post to know how to activate BBNaija channel on GOTV.

The big brother Naija 2019 show is the most expected reality show in Africa for the year 2019. This is due to the huge success the show recorded during the last episode.

This can be seen right from the announcement of the BBNaija 2019 Audition and submission of online videos.

The BBNaija 2019 as promised to be better than its season 3 will still be. Subscribe to using your email address in order to receive updates of the Big Brother Naija 2019 show.

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