#BBnaija 2019: Steps on How to Prepare and Apply for Big Brother Naija Audition; Latest Updates on Date, BBN News

Bbnaija audition

This is Big Brother Naija (BBNAIJA) 2019 Audition guide. This page will show you how to prepare and apply for the upcoming BBN Audition on FEB 1 & FEB 2.

Big Brother Naija audition is right at the corner. In our previous posts we have answered various questions concerning How to apply for Big brother NaijaBBN form Price, history and objectives of Big Brother Naija, requirements, as well as possible questions that will be asked at the audition. So, in this post, I will give you a Step-by-step guide on how to prepare for bbnaija audition.

Meanwhile, I’ll like to debunk the wrongly held notion that one needs to be a celebrity to be casted on Big Brother Naija. Some others claim a cabal pre-arranges the list of housemates. However, I can assure you that there is nothing fishy about the show. In fact the entire process is always monitored and verified by independent auditors. Therefore, be assured that the process will definitely be credible.

Nevertheless, it is quite unfortunate that sometimes the “best candidates” do not get the opportunity of being selected. In fact, most of the successful applicants are not the “most qualified”. Note one thing, they are never first timers. They garner enough experience over the years at previous auditions. Hence, they know what to expect, and prepare optimally.

On the other hand, some very great talents miss out because of not having access to the right information. In fact, in the next post, I will describe a typical audition. I’ll also expose to you every event that makes up the audition process. Keep a date. In the meantime, let me guide you on how to prepare for the audition.

How to Prepare for Bbnaija 2019 Audition

By now I’m sure we are all acquainted with the requirements. As soon as you meet that, you should start preparing in ernest.

1. The first step towards preparing for the audition is discovering yourself. One secret I need to share with us is that using a “poverty punchline” is not enough to get you into the house. It’s true that some of the most popular housemates in the previous editions were indeed of financially disadvantaged backgrounds. However, that was not the basis for getting them casted on the show.

It is okay to tell the jury the true state of your finances, but what will actually get you into the house is your skill. Big Brother Naija is not a poverty alleviation program. Hence, using that may ruin your chances.

The panelists would always be looking forward to meeting you. They want to know the real you. But, how would you be able to describe yourself when you don’t know much about youself? My advise is for you to know who you are and what you can do.

2. Have Sufficient Knowledge About BBnaija

This is where most people are caught off guard. Imagine going for an interview at a big company and the interviewer asks what you know. Do you think he will be impressed finding out that you know nothing about the company?

Same goes for Big Brother. Before going for the audition, do well to make some research on the show. We have written extensively on the history and objectives of the show. Knowing about ex housemates may also be necessary. You may contact me for any fact you may need.

3. Build a Brand for Yourself

Nothing makes a way for a man like a name. Imagine going into the audition venue to introduce yourself as a known social media celebrity. The fact is, that has the potential of captivating your interviewer. You don’t necessarily have to be an entertainment personality, but have something you could easily be associated with.

Mounting the podium to describe yourself as unemployed is a real turn-off. Between now and December, just get something doing, and do it well, no matter how small it may be.

4. Prepare a Definite Strategy

I won’t say much about this. But be prepared for a question like “…why should you be casted, and how do you hope to win“. Here, prepare to map out a clear strategy on how you hope to relate with the other housemates.

5. Get a Coach/Manager

This is one thing every serious aspirant should have. He will guide you on how to build your brand, as well as how to prepare optimally for the show. You may contact me on 0807 102 0697 (Whatsapp only).

6. Be Current

Stay up to date with the latest happenings around the world. Go beyond the entertainment industry. Your vast knowledge may be a big advantage. Don’t forget to subscribe to this site, as well as our social handles on Facebook and Twitter.

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