#BBNAIJA 2019 Requirements, Qualifications and Documents – Is International Passport Compulsory for Big Brother Naija Audition?

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Hey guys, this article is to address the numerous queries we have received since we made the bbnaija 2019 audition announcement. Here, we’ll give you all the requirements for bbnaija 2019 audition. Also if you wanna know if international passport is compulsory, then read on. If you need a guide on how to apply, then click here. Don’t hesitate to ask me any other question in the forum. I’ll answer ASAP.┬áSome of the queries we’ll treat include the following.

  • Academic qualification
  • Must you be a celebrity/entertainer
  • How rich must I be to participate
  • Is International Passport compulsory
  • Does my state of origin matter
  • Do I need to make Videos/photoshoot?
  • What items must I take to the audition venue

Academic Qualification

First of all, I need everyone to understand that Big Brother Naija does not have a strict academic requirement for one to participate in the show. However, you must be literate.

By literate, you must be able to communicate fluently in English. It is expected you must have undergone basic education to achieve this.

Must one be a Celebrity to be Casted?

Personally, I wouldn’t think of this, but for the many queries. Maybe the best way to answer this as a Nigerian is to ask a simple question. How many of the ex-housemates did you know of before they made it on the show?

The simple fact is, you do not need to be popular to be on the show. The platform is popular enough to make just anyone a celebrity.

How Rich Must you be?

Simply, I’d say rich enough to foot your logistics (bills) throughout the audition process. Just like the form is free, you won’t be paid for coming. So, if you can afford your transportation, refreshment and any other personal stuff you need, then congrats! you’re rich enough.

Is International Passport Compulsory?

One of the most amazing news we have received is that the BBNAIJA4 will be hosted in Nigeria. All along, having an international passport has always been compulsory due to the need of travelling to South Africa for the show proper. Meanwhile, the news has brought some sought of confusion as it’s obvious there won’t be any travelling arrangement this year.

In response, we reached out to the team and were unofficially informed that the travelling document remains a requirement for the audition. For now, it may just be for identification purpose.

While we cannot confirm totally that the passport will be a compulsory requirement, we advise you go to the venue with yours. If you don’t have one, then a valid means of identification MAY be considered – no guarantees though.

Does my State of Origin Matter?

I understand Nigerians are very conscious of their origin. In fact, many aspirants are planning to travel back home to attend the audition. However, in my view that’s totally unnecessary. I advise you attend the auditions at the venue closest to where you reside. Everyone will have equal opportunity.

Do I Need a Photoshoot/Video

I have debunked this notion severally. While a session will be organised if you are successful, for now, it is not a requirement. You do not need to do any of that to be accepted into the venue.

What Items Must I Take to the Audition Venue

This is one issue that will give a lot of aspirants headache. I need you to understand that audition is different from an exams venue. There are no strict guidelines on what you should or shouldn’t carry. You are allowed to carry your personal belongings. Whatever you think will aid you succeed, or at least sustain you the whole period.

Note that the venue is expected to be a bit filled. Hence, you may not be attended to immediately. I advice you go as early as possible. Also, you may carry some light refreshments as you may literally spend the whole day there. Note that there is no promise of “item 6” by the organizers.


Bbnaija 2019 is really going to be fun. Expect even more drama and goodies this year as more sponsors have indicated interest. Don’t forget more fun equals more money.

Meanwhile, there,s just no need to be tensed over the audition. You do not need to be extraordinary to be casted. Just be calm and co-ordinated when you mount the stage. Know it now that more people will be picked at the auditions than what you think.

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