Apply For UN Volunteer Programme 2020 (With Increased Allowance)

Apply For UN Volunteer Programme 2020


From the onset, United Nations has been playing an enormous role in the promotion of peace, security, and unity amongst nations.

They promulgate humanitarian works over member nations especially those crumbled with war, famine and natural disasters.


The United Nations comprises of other subsidiary organizations amongst them are UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO, UNHCR, e.t.c. all are involved in one humanitarian work or the other.

United Nations calls for application from interested candidates who intend to occupy a position in the 2020  Volunteer programmes in the United Nations.

In most cases where the outstanding individuals performs exceptionally well during the volunteer programme are most likely to be retained as a permanent staff. Workshops, Seminars and in-house training would be made available to prospective volunteers at the course of the volunteer programme

Application Details For United Nations Volunteer Programme 2020

  • Successful Volunteers would one step towards gathering the required experience and knowledge needed in advancing your career in International development and management Jobs in Globally.
  • An important part of the Programme includes sensitization visits to remote areas in towns and villages.
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Needed Personnel: Over 3000 duties are available  for this United Nations Volunteer Programme 2020. Definitely there is something for a candidate irrespective of area of specialization. However, Candidates who have done UN Non Governmental Organiztion (NGO) Jobs in Kenya and any part of Africa or UNICEF Jobs in Nigeria will bring wealth of experience which will help them fit in properly for this United Nations Volunteer Programme. Officials will be looking for the candidates with a strong passion and zeal ready to use their talents and energy for the good of humanity.

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Former volunteers also disclosed to us that the organization takes the safety and welfare of staff and volunteers as top priorities, saying that working with them is very fulfilling for those that are passionate about humanitarian works.

  1. Free accommodation for applicants.
  2. Health Insurance.
  3. United Nations Passport.
  4. Flight Ticket To and Fro the destination of the Programme.  On the basis of experience, candidates would be working with Agencies and Partners of the UN in designated areas and might involve migration from ones base to a distant region.
  5. Volunteer allowance of over $2000 monthly depending on the job experience.
  • There are no fees required of Applicants the recruitment is free for all eligible persons.
  • The incentives and welfare packages offered by UN is among the best you can find while applying for International Job vacancies offered by NGOs.
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Apply For UN Volunteer Programme 2020


Requirements for United Nations Volunteer Programme 2020

  • The call to apply for this UN latest Job vacancies is open to Africans.
  • Anyone with any experience tangible enough to have development impact in the society are the most qualified to apply.
  • Proficiency in Portuguese,Arabic, English, Spanish or French languages is an added advantage.
  • Candidates are required On-Job to always be on the move. Hence ability to adapt to an ever-changing work environment is paramount.
  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills are required.

How to Apply

Interested candidates who have gone through the recruitment requirements and are perfect fit should proceed to the recruitment portal

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