Angel vs Boma: Here is What caused the fight Between Boma and Angel [Video]

Gbas Gbos! Angel vs Boma: Here is What caused the fight Between Boma and Angel [Video] We received some Gbas Gbos from two housemates (Boma Akpore and Angel Smith) in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 ‘Shine Ya Eye’ today. Reporting to you, Here lets show you what caused the fight between Angel and Boma today.



Angel vs Boma Fight.


How it started! SO the fight between the two Big Brother Naija Season 6 ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates Boma Akpore and Angel Smith started with just a little misunderstanding over a little conversation which would have been easily settled amicably.

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According to information garnered, We received that the argument turned hotter as both of the housemates Boma and Angel were not ready to succor for the other.




It all started over the Kiss and Tell issue between the housemates. After accusing Angel of being a kiss and tell, an altercation has erupted between Boma and Angel.

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Boma hurled insults at Angel’s family members and also said this platform ‘Big Brother Naija’ is her biggest achievement. Angel isn’t taking it lying low either and told him he is a 35-year-old on the platform with her. She has warned him not to bully her in this House.


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Angel has warned him never to bring her family members into the conversation again and says he is fake okra. Not even okra, the driest of stew.


Watch some clips of the fight between them below;

That Boma and Angel fight was quite a lot. What are your thoughts #BBNaija Fam?

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