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An Open Letter To Sunday Igboho From An Angry Northerner Over His Recent Video

An Open Letter To Sunday Igboho From An Angry Northerner Over His Recent Video


Dear Sunday Igboho,



This is an open letter to you from an angry Northern Nigerian Yoruba over your effort and actions toward Oduduwa’s land.



I Mubarak Bashir, a Yoruba young man from northern Nigeria have been following your videos of actions and efforts to make Oduduwa’s great again.





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I have been watching your recent videos, which are mostly released through your friend verified Facebook page, the former Aviation Minister, Femi-Fani Kayode.





Your actions and effort are well done, even though there are some lapses and error which may cause something harm to the land more than it is before. Oduduwa’s land is a great part of Nigeria which is known as the more powerful and developed among the other parts.

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However, in your recent last released video, you made a proposal for Oduduwa Land to become a country on its own where you even ask the Yoruba’s who are leaving in the north to return back to the south.




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Actually, you made a big mistake at this point because your proposal can never be a reality. How can it be possible for only a small set of states to become a country on its own without having the meant criteria? Imagine.




Just recently when the northerners stop transporting foodstuffs to the South, how did you people find it to survive? Southerners suffer at that time most especially the poor masses, and the food blockage took place for only a few days not even up to a month.

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I seriously condemned this to your bad point which didn’t even make sense. What can you offer to the masses when you made this become real? Can you afford to feed even your street?




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You are nothing and you nothing up to yet, your bad proposal may dangerous than even the current insecurity problem across the country.





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Even the richest Politicians among Yoruba, Obasanjo, and the Jabagab Tinubu himself can’t make this proposal because he knows that he can’t afford to feed and take care of the world south.





Talk less of you, that you are just sponsored by someone in order to achieve your aim and goals of the upcoming 2023 election. Don’t think that we don’t know what is going on, we just keep silent because your actions seem to be a good one to the Oduduwa’s land.




Hence, I sincerely advise you to quickly apologize to the Oduduwa’s before they know and understand your direction.




What are your thoughts on this open letter to Chief, Mr. Sunday Igboho? Drop your views below. SHARE!


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