5 Housemates to leave the BBNaija house this Sunday. Who did you vote for? [Details]

Big Brother Naija changed their pattern of voting in this new week. The method was to pick two head of house and all housemates would be up for eviction automatically.


Luckily for Jackie B and Jaypaul they are not among the eviction list this week because they happens to be the Double Heads of House. Even without being told, you should know that most of your favourite stars are up for eviction including Liqurose, Whitemoney, Boma, Cross, Micheal, Tega, Nini, Saga, Peace, Emmanuel and others

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When to talk to those that have being be giving us good contents since the past week, we would definitely point to Boma and Tega. You would notice that Boma and Taga have being trending on social media platforms after the duo were caught on scene cuddling and also rumoured to have s*x with themselves.

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Note that this post is not deciding or dictating for you to vote for a particular housemate, but we just want to know who you voted for and why you really voted for them.


Let us know who you voted for in the comment section!! We would replying every comment as soon as they drop. Thanks

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In case you have not voted or don’t know how to vote, follow the prompt below:

Mobile site up to 100 Votes: https://bit.ly/3lNHaOg
Desktop site up to 100 Votes: https://bit.ly/2VEv2Ei
#MyDStv App up to 2500 Votes: https://bit.ly/3xB6FEu
#MyGOtv App up to 300 Votes: https://bit.ly/3xxASo3

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